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Holiday Party in Long Beach, Saturday Dec 14th

How many are eating? Or attending but not eating?

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NAXJA Member
San Diego, CA
Looks like we'll be doing sandwiches, chips, and salad/s.

Please post up how many will be eating, so we don't over- or under-order by too much.

I've allowed multiple choice on the poll, so you can do people math... if you have 4 grown ups eating, vote for 3 eating and also for 1 eating... If your group exceeds the options, just post up in this thread.

Bring something to share if you want to, and bring your own beverages and chairs.

People usually start showing up 10 or 11ish, and often stay into the later evening, so even if you can only come by for a bit, swing on over!

our Hosts this year are:

Brendan and Araceli King
6 3 5 1 K n i g h t Ave
L o n g Beach, CA 90805
My plans have changed and I won’t be making it to the party after all. So, please deduct two “adults eating” from the list. Thanks.
That sucks, Al. Sorry I'll miss you.

I just got back from a week offline; there's still not much reaction on this post/poll.

C'mon people!!
I dunno if there IS such a thing on here, Peter!