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my rig


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montgomery Il.
Well here is some shots of my rig . I will give details after.






These are just a few, and I know the suck but I used my phone.

What do yall think?

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Well alltogether I know I dont have $2000 into it. Ment to say the xj itself was a freebe.

First is the RE front lift.( Thanks Seanr).
Next the over the top one ton steering( Thanks to another member)
Rebuilt d30 with 456's and a lockrite
Some scrap steel from the job site to run along frame rails.
Rock rails.
D44 with 456 and a spool. and shock mounts moved up about an 1 1/2".
33" tsl's on dirt track beadlocks.
And custome front and rear bumpers, via my own design. The front bumper is ferther along now than in the pics. And it will have MM 8000 on it.
I also have a set of doors for it ( Thanks again Sean )...

I am sure I am forgetting something but just a sneak peak of what Ill be beating this year.....Jay.......
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dirt track beadlocks eh?
How expensive, there's a big dirt track folowing here, I wonder if I should go looking for some used beadlocks among those guys.
Yea they are Bassett or Barrett. I dont remember. Ill have to look but to night is my wifes and I annerversery so it will have to be tomarow....And all 5 cost 250 or so.....Jay.....
Check the vendors section you can get a set of 4 weld ons for 175 delivered..... Come on down and we will weld them on, maybe paint them too.
BRIANHO13 said:
Check the vendors section you can get a set of 4 weld ons for 175 delivered..... Come on down and we will weld them on, maybe paint them too.

i dono - now that neon green things break, i dont know that painting them in KY would be a good idea... :D :D

Come on Down.

I know why the shaft failed now.......it was teh super powerful crackle paint I put on the beadlocks, they overpowered the shaft.
I have been doing a little work lately. First are pics of just the bumper.



I really missed my winch when I went to the cliffs. Sooooo.




I didnt want to lose any aproach angle. So mounted it real close to the rad.



I have to trim the grill to fit around the winch.
So now I am going to wire it up so that the control box will be in the cab.

I still have some plans but one thing at a time.
What size tube is that bumper? That looks like a notched 2X2 tube.
Is the winch is mounted entirely to the Winch plate? The photo makes it kinda look like the Winch is also attached to the radiator support.

Winch cables have a nasty tendancy of overrunning the spool and rubbing on things behind the winch. It looks like your radiator is just behind the winch.

Not boo-hooing your work, I just want you to have something which is durrable.
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No Zuki-Ron, I appriciate the feed back. Thats why I post it on here. You all have done this before and can catch my mistakes.

Now the front of the winch is mounted to the plate. 1/4" plate that I welded to the 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"x 3/16" sqare tube. The tube is welded to the unirails which are sleeved with 3/8"x3"x5" L steel. that has been welded to the frame and bolted thrue to the steering box and on the passenger side also. Each chanel runs about 12"s back and have 1/8" stainless on the inside. Dont ask. All this steel came to me free,Sooooo.


Now the back is bolted thrue the stock crossmember With 1/4" steel washers to span a little more erea. But I have put a 1 1/2"x1 1/2"3/16" L channel that spans from rail to rail. Fully welded at the ends and stitch welded to the cross member.


Now how close it is to the rad, may be a problam. I hope I dont but will have to see. I have about an inch of space in between.

I really do want people to comment . I hate having to do things over.

Oh yea If you look close the notches have been sleeved and welded. It is hard to see though. All I have is a camera phone. Sorry......Jay.....
Picked up some 2 gauge wire and am routing the winch wires tomorow.next I am doing the home brew snorkel. Just looking for a partialy coverd cone filter.
Just going to run it to the top center of the hood and monting it there.