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My Jeep drives horrible! Help!

Yea those match stock lengths, im currently at LCA 16.25 UCA 15 and need I guess shorter uppers. A side view of the RC drop brackets you can see the lower mount is a straight down drop and the upper mount is down and bumps it forward roughly an inch.

I think im dealing with a compound issue of on why the XJ feels floaty at lower speed. the low caster angle and the crap steering box

At speed though, say 55-80, its straight as an arrow
I did some measuring last night and it looks like my pinion angle is 2° off and my caster angle is at 4°. I believe a little more adjustment there will get me pretty good.
Am I correct that the front diff should be parallel to the front driveshaft?

That's correct but it's not going to happen with a LP D30. You can get closer with offset balljoints but that's it!

the crap steering box

Definitely something to look as I don't think you have bad caster but need to get a alignment check first. It's impossible to get "accurate" numbers in the driveway. I've been running 3* of caster now for 15 yrs with perfect steering that drives straight, turns easily, and returns to center with absolutely no tracking.
Btw: I have a ton of experience with this since I own 2 2000's and bought/lifted one at mile 7, a week after I drove it off the lot.
Yea the steering box could be my main culprit, Ive seen people getting a Redhead box, what other option do you recommend? The box at least needs to be fixed regardless if its the problem or not
Upper control arm forward will greatly affect straight line tracking.

Youve got alot of tunning and redoing to do.
Start with control arm geometry and tune some positive castor back into it

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The control drop brackets are worth building around.

Looks like youl have to adjust drag link to center wheel but after you adjust track bare to center axle under jeep. Youtube is your friend on how to do this.

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new controls arms are on and I removed the drop brackets. Jeep drives much better. I did not measure any angles but I can tell the pinion angle is a little off. No vibes, tracks nice, and steering feels better.
UCAs at 15.5
LCAs at 16.625

Will still upgrade my steering box at some point though