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my 84 jeep cherokee wont start


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It has a carborator and i sprayed starter fluid into it but it just wont start. Oil is good and it has gas. It sounds like its about to turn over but it just wont.Im gonna change the fuel filter because its prolly real nasty but i need some advice.
Ok, It seems that most of the info on that link is for fuel injected engines. What is the best way to check fuel pressure on carburated engines? There is no fuel rail, so where do i hook the Guage to? Also i believe that i have a mechanical fuel pump so i cant listen for it. Also I'm not sure if the carburated vehicle's have CPS, MAP and other sensors. There is some melted wires on the manifold, I'm not to familiar with these crappy v-6 engine bay's so i am not too sure what wires are for what sensors and such. thanks