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Mushroom Rock run............


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Vancouver, WA
Let's do a run to Mushroom Rock next weekend (October 5th and 6th).
The trail is easy for those of you with fairly stock rigs. There is camping near by on Silver Fork Creek. Meet at the McDonalds on Hwy 50 and Hazel Ave. around 10am.
you driving the Rodeo or have I just been away for a while?
It's off Silver Fork Road in Kyburz and can be done in one day.

Taking the Rodeo up there, but will need to ride with someone on the trail. :shock:
well, as you've probably seen my other posts, I will not be making it for this trip.
We had a blast. Thanks again to my neighbor Bill in his YJ and Justin for driving up there. Next run might be Hell Hole. :shock: