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Motor Mounts


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Heber, UT
Hey guys.

Noticed that my left motor mount is in need of replacing. I'm going to upgrad them from that stock rubber crud, but I'm not sure what's out there other than Daystar, M.O.R.E. and bombproof. Anyone have any suggestions or experience with either of these?


The are the rubber ones where it uses a LCA bushing. Keeps things in their place. I think the are all about the same but check with MORE.

orgs mfg
Well, you could always look at M.O.R.E. for their mounts.

I've got the JM600 Bombproof mounts, and I suspect that's what TrailLeader Mark has. They're listed for XJs and TJs, but oddly enough, not YJs. The older style is listed for both YJs and TJs. It may be worth a phone call if you've got a YJ as well.

I've been pleased with the mounts, although they are definitely stiffer than stock. I suspect that poly mounts would shake me loose from my back fillings, though.
I have run stock mounts, Poly mounts, and rubber Bombproof mounts.

Obviously, the stock are the cushiest ones but are also the weakest. The Poly mounts will let you feel every engine vibration from your kidneys up to your fillings, though they will keep you engine in one place. The rubber Bombproof mounts will still transmit more vibes than the stock but not near as much as the poly. I really don't think they give up strength to the poly ones either.

I personally would not run anything but the M.O.R.E. rubber Bombproof mounts in my rig.

I running the currie motor mounts and daystar trans mount now. Lots of vibes but atleast my engine is not clunking around and sliding in to my radiator........again.
Thanks for the help guys...I'm was pretty convinced with the bombproof, but needed some real world experience with them.

Thanks again,

Got me. I've got 70K on mine and it's about to break apart completely. The right one is just fine though, I wonder if I got something on it that ate away at the rubber somehow. I need to get it replaced before it comes apart and takes things out on me.
XJCHUCK72: I have about 140k on my OEM ones, should I change them or wait until I really notice needing them. I don't want to mess up my rad when they fail.

Which would you rather replace, a cheap motor mount or an expensive radiator?

When in doubt replace them because a radiator is a terrible thing to waste (don't ask me how I know :rolleyes: ).

About 2 months ago I swapped in a set of MORE Bombproof motor mounts. The do transmit some engine noise, but like Bones said, " What would you rather do; replace an inexpensive set of motor mounts or an expensive radiator ?"
The mounts will take you about 1.5 hours to swap AND that is taking your time shooting the breeze about Jeeps while you work.
Check the photos below:

XJCHUCK72 said:
I have about 140k on my OEM ones, should I change them or wait until I really notice needing them. I don't want to mess up my rad when they fail.

With that many miles, I'd be SHOCKED if the stockers were in decent shape..

(I'm running MORE's with the rubber LCA arm bushing. Pretty happy with them and I still have my original radiator)
Engine torque pulls the left mount in tension, shredding it...also power steering fluid leaking on a rubber mount will turn it to jello.

I run stock mounts with a travel limiter...works for me but i don't get my truck vertical...we have to import rocks here...and the closest thing to a challenging slope here is clawing out of the mudpit..