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modified XJ checkm it out

That guy has tried to sell that same XJ now for over 6 months.
For $500, it would almost be worth it just for the door mods.
Here's a pic of them he sent me many months back.
I like that the doors are just about invisible when closed but it's much stronger than running without.


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those door mods are pretty slick I dunno if I can say the same for that Zebra paint job tho
i live in myrtle beach and have seen that all over the place, used to run no doors, never seen the new ones.
the paint was a advertisment 4 a local cofee shop or bar, never went zebra building scared me
Driving around on tires made by a cigarette company would scare me. Winston Winners hmm I wonder if they come in 35's
Hey- I use Winstons and they work and ride great! I do turn the white letters to the inside though and use the AT's not the GT's. Maybe the 35's come in long menthol. You'll want em unfiltered. The only time they'll smoke is when you hit the throttle(If you have 5.13 gears and a stroker).