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Mobil-1 pricing


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Effort, Pa
Was out at my customer/friends shop when the oil delivery man showed up, he had gotten a 50 gallon drum of Mobil-1 10W30. Cost was around $487 with a hand pump. Never knew you could get it in bulk, have a request in to the supplier for a 20 gallon drum price quote. Might even be able to get it in 5 gallon jugs... and that would be ideal.
Let me know if the 5 gal. jugs are available. If they are, and the price is right, I'll start looking around here for a distributor. :)
Nod, we used to get the large barrels when we had the ranch. Hydrolic came in 5 gallon cans, but since we only got the (33? 55?) gallon drums, not sure about regular motor oil. Seems like ours was from Chevron, but that was years ago.