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mj brake problem


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I am having trouble figuring out what to do with the brake equalizer in the back of my mj. i bought it a month ago and the brakes haven't been right since i got it. the rear brake equalizer is unhooked from the diff. what is the best fix for this problem? besides just hooking it back up because i don't have the connecting rod. I will be lifting it next weekend, doing a spring over in the rear. how have you guys changed your setup, any pics would be great thanks
The arm should be essentially horizontal. Don't bother rigging the arm if you're going to lift, because you would have to fabricate a longer arm anyway.

The load-sensing proportioning valve on my '88 MJ blew out when I was bleeding the brakes after replacing a rusted out line. I bypassed it, and *MOST* of the time everything is fine. However, I did have a rather, ahem, "exciting" moment one day when approaching a stop sign going down a steep incline, on a rainy day when there was still winter sand on the pavement. It's much easier to see where you're going when the front wheels are going there first.

I would suggest removing the load-sensing valve entirely, eliminate the return line to the combo valve in the front, and install a Wilwood adjustable proportioning valve in the rear circuit. It won't react to loads automatically, but it will allow you to fine-tune your braking, and if you mount it inside the cab you can manually adjust when you need more braking with heavy loads.