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Minimum requirements for Rubicon


NAXLA Member #1223
Ever since I backpacked to spider lake and watched people going through little sluice (at least I think that's what it was), I have wanted to build up a rig to go through the rubicon. After some research I decided on an XJ. I recently got an 87 with a dana 44, RE4.5 and 32x11.5 bfg mt's. I am planning on re-gearing and puting ARBs in the front and back and adding some rocker protection. My question is whether 32 inch tires are big enough? Any other minimum requirements I should plan on?

A second question, and perhaps there is already a thread on this subject that you could just point me to, what do you guys suggest for spares? I realize a spare everything would be best but perhaps a prioritized list.

Finally, I live in the Sacramento area, any suggestions for easier trails where I can get more experience driving?

The rig sounds good, got tow points and good skid protection? I think you can do the Con with 31's and a rear locker. It would be tough and you may need to stack a lot of rocks but you can get through it. Get some Diff guards!!

Front axle shafts, preferably the 297 u-joints
Spare steering (drag link and tie rod)
Drive shaft U-joint

Other good stuff:
Stick of quickseal
Radiator sealant

Be prepared for body damage!! And make sure the rig is in good working order, no overheating, and Fluid levels holding well.

Maybe even consider adding some frame rail stiffeners for extra protection (2 pc's 3x3x3/16 angle down the rails)