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Midwest guys & Rubicon


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Hello everyone!

A couple of months ago I posted a trip I was taking to the Rubicon in June. I won't be able to make the June 20th trip I keep reading about, but was coming on June 9th for a couple of days. I'm leaving June 6th, and hope to be at the trailhead on the 9th.

A couple of you posted that you were more than happy to help us out for a day or so, leading trails, or at least giving some pointers prior to departure.

Would a couple of you want to wheel the Rubicon that week? We are also planning to hit Fordyce...which was highly recommended by a few of you too.

Hope to do the Rubicon on the 9th and 10th...Fordyce the 11th and 12th. We only have 4 days out there...any recommendations?

Gawd, that is about the worst week for me you could think of. I'll see if I can squeeze out, but the State legislature is dealing with a number of important bills that week, so it's going to be very hairy around my office.....

I will likely be wanting to take some days off in June since I am bagging on the BOTW2 this year and since my wheeling will be limited come the beginning of August. It will be touch and go as to whether Barrett Lake is open and whether the river crossings are navigable across Fordyce, but I am sure there will be some great options available to you.

If anyone would be available for a Rubi trip, that would be great.

If the other trails don't work out due to snow or high water, I guess we'll just have to leave early, and stop in Moab on the way home :)

I'll keep in touch with you guys.

I also heard you guys had a late snow, or at least more snow than usual (vs the past few years). Anyway, will there be any trouble crossing the Rubicon in early June?

Any additional/updated information on other trails, like Fordyce and/or Barrett would be appreciated.

Looking forward to June,
Barett will likely be closed in early June, might be August before it is opened this year.

Rubicon will not be a problem crossing. Are you guys towing your vehicles out here?

Fordyce depends upon how much water they are releasing.

We are towing our rigs. Driving 4,000 miles roundtrip would pretty much trash a set of super swampers.

Looks like Fordyce will be hit-and-miss. Is there somewhere we can check, before we get there? Otherwise, I guess we'll just go to Moab after we finish the Rubicon.

Thanks, hope to see some of you then.