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Metalcloak Duroflex joint with IRO Rocklink


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Has anybody used the metalcloak Duroflex joint with their forged housing on IRO Rocklink long arms? The iron kit uses 5 degree shank housings but I can't find 5 degree housings anywhere. Will it work? Has anybody found a good joint for the IRO Rocklink kit? Thank you!
Haven't found a need to replace mine yet, but I've wondered about the 10 degree joints from barnes

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Well I went ahead and climbed under the jeep and put on the metal cloak Duroflex joints. It works, they're of course off 5 degrees. We will see if the preload affects things down the road.

In doing so, I realized I had the IRO joints off 180 degrees, therefore the 5 degree shank pointing the wrong way had my old IRO joints 10 degrees the wrong way. Imagine that didn't help the ride. Lesson learned......don't drink too much when installing a long arm kit, you'll just start throwing parts on it not paying attention to the details.
Drinking always inhances my work quality.... or at least it does until I sober up

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