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Making std Track Bar adjustable


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Suffolk, England
I'm trying to make my standard Track Bar into an adjustable one. As my XJ is RHD I can't easily buy an adjustable one so want to make one up.

My original plan was to cut the bar on the straight section and have the cut ends threaded (external) and then get a hex bar tapped to size. Then with some locking nuts fitted to hold it in place. Unfortunately because of the bend that goes by the diff the machine shop says it won't be possible.

So, an alternative was to use a tie rod end (standard) and cutting the old one off and tapping a thread into the track bar end. However this has also turned out to be very difficult because the thread on the tie rod is unusual and they don't have a suitable tap to do it.

I have seen that some custom bars use a Heim joint, but I have no experience of these and don't quite understand how you fit them bearing in mind that the hole that the tie rod joint goes into is tapered. Is that what the mis-alignment spacers are for?

Help, please!
If I'm not flat wrong, you drill the taper out and use a bolt through the heim. I believe the metric grade is 12.9? Its a US Grade 8 or better that you want.
Metric 12.9 is much harder than SAE Grade 8.

Darky's right. Part of the taper is drilled out, and a tapered shim is used in the lower part. I ran a JKS MFG adjustable trackbar for a few years with a big spherical joint at the top. You might contact http://www.jksmfg.com and inquire about just getting the tapered shim (won't be cheap, esp. w/ overseas shipping, though.)