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M416 Trailer

Here's some examples of completed trailers

ok, next question. Is there a website with info on different models?
BTW, that thing looks pimp.

oh wait I know where one is thats moslty done(and painted red)......*L*
IH8RDS said:
Hey whats up Wyn! :wierd: I know I have bored you with that thread already :wave:

Pretty soon it will be the largest on the board!!! *L*

in between your thread and chris's 258 build for his XJ we're gonna need a bigger board....*L*
You were asking on the other tread about stripping the paint, you could always go with a chemical stripper or what I've been using lately is a Cleaning Disc from 3M. go to WWW.EASTWOOD.COM part# 13395. 4 ½” or 7” they really cut through the paint and rust, down side is there pricey and they don’t last all that long. They cheaper through Eastwood but you could pick one up at Lowe’s just to try; at least they carry them at my store. There is another brand that makes them (can’t think of the name right off) but Lowe’s carries then also for a few bucks less.
Scott just bring it over, and Ill introduce you to MR. Sandblaster... If you want we can Spray your Trailer, My CJ7 Frame, and My Bike frame all at once with some POR15 at my House
IH8RDS said:
Rounding 3rd base.

Just need to do the bed liner and register it. It will don the licence plate IH8RDS2 :laugh3:


looks like the trailer is taller than the XJ

need some more lift there buddy!

I just said the same thing on our club board.:)

I think we're working on that in the next week or so.
Wow! Great job. I actually wanted to do the same thing a while back but the closest surplus place wanted between 1500.00 - 3500.00 for them in "fair" condition.