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Lowered the jeep


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Colorado Springs
Did have the RE6200 5.5" XD kit, but I took out my RE ZJ 4.5" coils and the RE 1.25" shackle and replaced the coils with RE ZJ 3.5" coils and stock shackle. Overall drop was 1.25". Sitting about 4.5" with 34" Trxus. Sorry for the poser shots, I'll get you guys some flex pictures later.:D






Good god Man! You had me worried. With a title like THAT, I thought it was gonna be another one of "those" threads.... jeez.
what are you gonna do with those springs and shackles? hehe. let me know if your goin to sell them, im interested.
Yep, wanted a lower center of gravity, and the ride quality is much better.

Old springs and shackles were posted last week and are long gone. Sorry.
nice marty.. yea i was all charged to put the 4.5 lift on ( i got almost everything to do it right) .. but its performing amazing with the 33.10.5 bfg mts on the 3inch skyjacker kit with 1.5 shackels out back. running no swaybars they dont rub at all with my trim job.

o yea any word on that rear...