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Looks like I really offended...

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DrMoab said:
some colorado guys.

Anyone remember that group of TJs that were in front of us on Pritchett? Sounds like the girl who tried to blow her clutch to pieces is pissed off at me.

Was I really that big an ass for asking them to strap the dude who had been 25 min on rockerknocker?


with a name like OFF RAOD GIRL...your suprised ? had the situation been reversed God knows SHE would have been whining and bitching....Not offering any help in the process.


BTW RYan...you are an ASS....but your a SEXY ASS...:D
red91inWA said:
BTW RYan...you are an ASS....but your a SEXY ASS...:D
One of those kind of fella's!!!
Damn Ryan you're such an asshole. :D

Sounds like they needed to rethink the trail they took if they are running basically stock vehicles on it.
Offroadgirl said:
The only obstacle we didn't even attempt was the Rock Pile -- we all took the bypass on that one.

I was not aware of a bypass,,,?... Does she mean that spot to the right of the Rock Pile that is not a legal route, as far as I know?


and Ryan, you are an Ass....:D :kissyou:
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WayneXJ said:
The bypass for rockpile is legal but the bypass for rocker knocker isn't.
ahh...finally the voice of experince. :D
BTW I read a thread somewhere awhile ago that the BLM decided to keep it a legal bypass when they destroyed the first obstical. Now if I can only find it again...
Boy you caught somebody on the wrong day. I still don't understand exactly what her problem with NAXJA was. So people were lifting a tire. That isn't necessarily getting that tippy. Hell that is an everyday occurance. If you don't get at least one tire in the air, they shouldn't call it an obstacle. So somebody flopped. You guys checked he was OK. What were you supposed to do, console him and loan him a hanky? I assume he got back on his wheels. Shit happens, get used to it.

Big group / Small group....the rule I always follow is that if you are holding somebody else who is definately going faster than your group and can get around you and leave you in the dust, you let them pass. Otherwise they can wait their place in line just like everybody else and STFU. If they don't like waiting, they should have gotten out at 6am so they would be first in line.

Common courtesy says you help others out on the trail. Common courtesy also says if you go on a trail, you should make sure you are equiped enough to make the trail without holding everybody else up with little things like a smoking clutch because you are out of your league or don't know what you are doing.

:rant off:
old_man said:
So people were lifting a tire. That isn't necessarily getting that tippy. Hell that is an everyday occurance. If you don't get at least one tire in the air, they shouldn't call it an obstacle.
To shorties it's tippy, to us... not :D Anyways, she should follow either Cracker or Justin one day on a trail: that'd give her a heart attack!
I think she's backing off now. By the way I'm sure it was about 1:10 PM when I ate a sandwitch and drank a pop after pulling around the buggies that pulled around us and before DR MOAB said something to her. If her goup got there at 11:30, then it was almost 2 hours before the DR got a chance.
Man, DR, you are a jerk... How dare you try and help them out :laugh3: I once ran 3.07s and 32's and would never even dream of doing Pritchett (Rubicon was tough enough with that setup). I am now locked in the rear and run slightly better gears (3.54 axles from an auto) and would still not even attempt Pritchett. Agreed, it comes down to common courtesy and a respect for others on the trail... especially on a busy week like we had. Read the other forum, funny how she isn't getting much support with her :rattle:
Sounds as if that xxxxx really doesn't have a clue.

Don't loose any sleep over this one.
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This whole thing is more about group dynamics and basic human behavior than it is about anything you said Ryan, lol. I have seen people act like this before when two groups meet. Each group circles the wagons and tries to protect their own, even when the threat from the other group is only perceived and not real...oh well. Kind of funny when you think about it, we are all out there trying to enjoy the same activity!


C..c..cant we all just get along?
ahhhhh! the biggest problem was they were driving SWB Jeeps. Not nearly as a congenial crowd as XJ drivers. But what do you expect since they are already handicapped by their choise of vehicle! :laugh3:
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