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Looking for a pressure washer.

Lawn Cher'

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Westampton, NJ
I've decided to purchase a pressure washer, what do you recommend and why? This will be for household use, washing the cars & boat, cleaning automotive fluids off the driveway, etc.
Last year, I bought the cheapest Craftsman gas-powered they make. It was around $200. It has a 4hp briggs and I think it is 2000psi. One thing I don't like is that it dosen't have wheels and is a pain to move around. Other than that, I love it. I've used it a ton and have loaned it out to family and friends a ton too!! Works great for decks, patios houses, and XJ's too! (orMJ's) I looked at a lot of them before I bought one and decided against electric. Someting about electricity and water, just didn't sound right too me. Be sure to winterize it when it's time for that kinda stuff, you can fill the pump with RV anti-freeze. Get one with wheels. Heres what I have:

I bought this one a couple months ago:

Troy Bilt 4.5hp Briggs, 2200 PSI, 2.2 GPM, 5 quik-change nozzles...
Not the most powerful unit, but it does what I need it to do. The "turbo" nozzle is the shiznit for durable things.

If I was planning to use it for a living, I'd step up to something with more PSI/GPM and a bigger engine.

Hmm that reminds me, I changed mower oil this evening, need to change the PW break-in oil too... it's seen 5 hours or thereabouts.
I don't know what kind of $$ you're looking to spend, but if fund's/storage space permit, get a nice-sized one with a kerosene burner to heat the water. You'd be surprised how much more you can do with 900psi of 200*(+) water than you can with 2000psi of cold tap water. You can even get a decent used hot-water unit for not much more than a new cold-water one. For what it sounds like you plan to do with it, a used one would be just fine. Look in your yellowpages for dealers.

Karcher and Landa are good names to look for in hot-water models. I'd personally stay away from anything with 'Jenny' on it. We had one where I used to work and it was nothing but trouble, alot of electrical glitches and mechanical failures... it was down about half the time.

Just some suggestions, good luck in your search
Go check out Home Depot or a similar store. We got one for the shop a year or two ago for about $350 and it has worked out real nice so far. It came with a bunch of different nozzles, hoses, and I think a couple gallons of soap. I can get the model and more details tomorrow if you want. We use it probably about 3-4 times a week and never had a problem.

I would have to advise against washing a car or anything painted with a pressure washer. If the water gets into a chip in the paint it can literally peel all the paint right off, and yes I have seen it happen and the same dumb little shit that did it stil doesnt see the problem with washing all the tow trucks with it. My dad brought one home from his work a couple years ago to clean the house and ended up taking some good sized chunks out of the foundation, but that mahine was way overkill.