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Lock Replacement Kit for XJ?


NAXJA Forum User
Does anyone make a kit to replace all the lock cylinders (including ignition) on a 1996 XJ? I need all my locks rekeyed and with the cost of a locksmith I’m thinking it would be cheaper to buy a kit of matching lock cylinders if the option exists. If not, is there at least a partial kit out there to save me some money and replace old sticky locks?
If you take all the cylinders in they can do it for really cheap.
I am not recommending this, just throwing it out there so that you understand additional options.

My '90 used the old style Chrysler key set which meant that the ignition key was different than the door key. To fix this I scoured the local pick-n-pull and found a newer model XJ with a key on the floor. Once I was sure it worked in all doors and ignition, I pulled all the locks as well as the ignition cylinder and installed them in my XJ.

This would add additional work since you would have to do this twice (once at the pick-n-pull and once in your XJ) but you would have the advantage of being able to do them one at a time without leaving the XJ with any of the doors unlocked. On the plus side, the door locks and truck locks are easy to remove. The ignition cylinder isn't hard but you will need a steering wheel puller to get at it.