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"Little Help" Front Axle Shakes


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If anyone has heard of the whole axle shaking on a cherokee please let me know whats going on. I still have the xj at stock height and when I get up to 52 mph the whole front axle shakes from side to side a good inch or two. Enough to think the wheels are falling off if you stick your head out the window and watch. Then when I get past 55 mph it just stops. This dosen't happen every time but it happens a lot. The lower control arms are still tight and the steering stablizer doesn't seem to be bad. Please help if you can. Thanks
andyszafran said:
Hey thanks a lot, any idea on the cost?
Stock height? Stock trackbar. Look for folks who are doing a lift and have one to remove.
7 bucks for replacement Poly bushings from Q-Tec. HOwever I just swaped my Trac Bar with 107K miles on it for one out of a 94 wrangler with 14K miles on it and my problem didn't go away.
Welcome to the wonderful land of wobbling...

Here is the order I would go in:

Check bushings. Have a friend turn the wheel a bit from left to right (just enough to barely move the wheels), while he/she is doing that feel every single linkage in the suspension and steering, if you feel any play or click replace the bushing or linkage.

Have the Jeep aligned. Good for the tires too.

Balance the tires - This is crucial!

Check ball joints and unit bearings. Jack up the wheel and grab the tire at the 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions, push with one hand and pull with the other (away and toward the vehicle), if you feel play then you've got issues in one or both of these areas. I put this lower on the list because an unabused stocker rarely has trouble here.

If the track bar is bad (very possible - they do go bad) get a replacement either from Quadratec or from a fellow Jeeper who has their old one laying around after a lift.

In my experience improper tire balance is just about always the trigger - but my suspension isn't in the greatest shape either as I'm still using stock linkages with some lift.