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lincolin locker??


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raleigh NC
ok, have'nt posted in a while, but im back, i just did a search and couldnt find anything, i want more traction in the back, but im poor and broke and a cheap bastard ;) how bad is a welded diff on the street, and what is a good way to weld my 8.25 up strong?
I welded my D35. I don't do any street driving with it. I can tell there is a definate bind when driving on the concrete shop floor though.
I welded it up with my Hobart 175 wire feed cranked all the way up. Removed the carrier, covered all the bearings and ring gear with foil, also wrapped some foil around the center pin. Then completely filled in the gaps between the gears till I could weld a ring all the way round them.

I kept wet rags that I swapped every once and a while wrapped around the carrier bearings to keep them from getting so hot.

Cheap, and works awesome offroad.
you'll drag the outer tire around the turn but other than that a number of people run welded rears on the street. i would say tire wear and chirp are the big issues. and maybe some understeer in wet conditions, but once you're used to driving it i dont' think you'd even notice
I think it was Petersen's 4-wheel magazine I was reading which said something like this.

We took out our Detroit Locker and tried out a spool in the rear. We love it and will never go back. No more surprising diff lockup on fast corners. Tire wear not really noticeable.

After reading this review, i was really impressed. So, the lincoln locker certainly has their endorsement. Just weld it up well enough that it doesn't EVER break. Lots and lots of metal bits floating around your diff just might cause some problems.

Be sure to weld the side gears directly to the carrier for maximum strength.