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lift kit ???


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snyder texas
:confused: Hi folks, I'm new to this forum. Ive recently acquired (for free) a 90 xj leredo. just finished a complete engine [4.0), transmission (aw4), and T-case (np231) overhaul with a few mods (cam, ect). The information I've viewed from the XJ gurus has been extremely helpful durring my rebuild.

My next project when I get some more $$$ will be lift and wheels. (Ya, I have taken heed and will install a SYE.)
My question is this. I plan to go with a 4.5 inch lift and 31's for now as the xj will be my daily driver for now. I also tow a pop up trailer once in while. Ive seen lift kits that include new rear leaf springs and for a couple hundred less, an add a leaf for the rear.
Other than cost, what are the pros and cons of new springs as apposed to add a leaf kits?
I humbly submit my inquiry in hopes that I may gain knowledge an insite from the most omnipotent ones.

A good new lift springpack should offer a better (less stiff) ride than an AAL in the stock pack. If those are the OEM springs in that 90, They are likely sagged out by now.

I tried a 3" Rusty's full length AAL (2 years old-unused) and with the 300# of crap I carry in back, it helped the toting cap but didn't gain a lot of lift. (in teastament to Rusty's leafs, after a year of abuse in my hagged out 89 packs, they still give about 3" lift when I unload the Jeep.

This week I'll be installing a Charkbuilt 4.5" ? springpack (Rustys with an extra leaf) into my XJ and a set of new Rusty's Hydro shocks, and we'll report how they ride & lift with my (too much) cargo.

When we lift Mommies Jeep to 3", ( and it may tow someday) it'll be with new leafpacks and coils.

Nice score on the 90 BTW! :) welcome to the ranks of XJ owners
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if you're planning on staying at 4.5" of lift, the best way to go is to get some 3.5" rear leaf packs and an extended shackle for the additional .75-1" . when using leafs with more arch, it is a good idea to replace the stock shackle with one that is longer. you get a more compliant ride as well as much better flex.

if you use a 4.5" replacement spring pack, you will most likely get negative results with the stock shackle( it will hit the mount under droop and over large bumps that cycle the suspension). hot to mention that the increase in arch of the spring can feel stiffer than say a 3.5" and replacement shackle.

the Block/add-a-leaf setup can work well if you dont see much time offroad, but it does limit travel and can feel like a stiff spring. if you've got a lot of weight (rear bumper/tire/spare parts/ect.), an add-a-leaf can feel great.

i am running 31"s with 4.5" Rusty's replacement packs and an extended chackle. i figure that i have in the neighborhood of 5.5" of lift. the ride is great compared to my original setup from Rubicon Express( add-a-leaf and 1.5" block). BTW, the 4.5" springs from rusty wouldn't work without the extended shackle. the stock shackle was pulled all the way foreward and couldn't move at all!

good luck...
JMHO, but I would not go to 4.5" if you plan to tow. You don't need more than 3" to run 31" tires, and the higher you make the Jeep the less stable it will be when towing.
thanks for the info. I appreciate the responces. pretty straight forward. I will try to come up with something more difficult in the future. ha ha