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Let's talk about mufflers


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Dayton, OH
Quiet, decent flowing, and compact is what I want. The smaller the better as long as it doesn't cork the engine. It won't be in any place that can get rockrash so materials probably aren't that big of a concern. Flowmaster is definately not going in my junk.

I think what you should do is put a 231 in place of your 242, so you can clock up your t-case, so i don't have to hear you whine about not being able to do your front 4 link the way you want it.....

but thats just what i think.

you have no business posting about mufflers mister.
Oh, so I'm not allowed to plan ahead Mr. Stringline.

Not to be an asshat, but Den what part of "Flowmaster is definately not going in my junk." didn't I make clear?
I run a Dynomax "Super Turbo" and love it. Thin (so as not to get hung up on speed bumps), quiet, mellow sounding. Chicks dig it.

I used 2.5" pipe all the way from the Pacesetter header to the tip, in preparation for the stroker.

I'm with you on the Flowmaster. I have one in my junk now and its got great tone but just too noisy for a DD. If this thread takes a more serious note (no pun intended), I'm also looking for answers.
I have been Owned. Next time I will read the WHOLE post.



I disagree on the Flowmaster, it ain't that loud, better that a glass pack.
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If this thread takes a more serious note (no pun intended), I'm also looking for answers.

Yup, me too. Time for a new muffler, same comments as OneTonXJ. Thinking of just going cheap, but I'm open to suggestions.
wow, seanyboy gets a bit touchy when people trash his thread!


make yer own muffler pussboy, there's nothing to them....I use a toilet paper core and a wad of bounce