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LQ4 6.0L/NV4500/NP241c in an XJ - Q's before I waste a bunch of money :)

Also, were the flanges real rough? I did some reading on the Sandersons, and sounds like it's pretty common. Some guys say they never seal properly, others say the gasketless system works fantastic.
Sanderson says to stick a 1/8" bead of RTV on it, let it cure overnight, and bolt on.
Is there any benefit to retaining the EVAP from the 5.3? I suppose I could easily just tie the evap back to the Jeeps charcoal canister and then back to the tank using the stock line right?
My ECU is out for programming right now, and I suppose I should probably tell him asap if I want the EVAP removed.
Benefits are purely environmental. You can buy a block-off kit pretty cheap or just leave the disconnected solenoid in place.
Yep, you could just run a new line to the canister or extend the old line with a splice.
Well, 4.0L is out. Took about 5 hours, mainly because my long arm CM has to come out every time we want to do anything, and probably moreso that our garage is a mess and I probably spend a solid hour or two just hunting for sockets. Don't have enough room in the garage to maneuver a hoist with the Jeep in it.
Had to drop the CM to drop the trans enough to disconnect one cable connector and get a driveshaft bolt out, then put the CM back up to roll the Jeep into the garage to our hoist, then drop the CM again, pull the motor, then put the CM back on to roll the jeep back out :)
We did find a rather genius method to this though. Wratchet strapped the front wheels to the rear wheels, drop the CM, axle stays located correctly. Then when lifting the CM back up, wratchet straps are used to precisely locate the axle so we can get the very tight tolerance CM bolts back into the frame rail.

Today I'll hopefully get the rest of the bay gutted. Haven't decided if I want to stick with the stock PDC. It's bulky, ugly, directly in the way, and insanely hard to work on. Trying to think of what all it does, and most of it is engine related, but with the new motor, all I really need is ignition, fuel pump, AC pump (for air), a few more relays for lights, and a couple fuses to run it all.
Haven't been able to find a modular PDC. WTF? Why does no one make one? Do I have to invent my own? :p

Also, I don't know what everyone's talking about the Jeep harness not being well self contained. There are only 3 or 4 wires between the chassis and motor that aren't part of the harness. Starter, alternator, and 2 grounds. How is this any different from the SBC? I don't see any difference at all.