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less then 2 months!!!!

Ya , I wont even go there about his sister..... I will go #2 in his alley but I wont talk shizzle about his moms or sister, that would be grounds for us to throw down,,,,, and i dont want to have to scrape Beezils chin off the ground after hes laying apon it!

Well Mr. "my welds always hold", you posted spobi and we can't have king spobi monitor being hypocritical now can we????? We can go deeper into this black pit if'n you'd like.

Chew, if you went #2 and then threw down he'd have a nice soft landing spot.
And just how did this worthwhile Moab preparation thread degenerate into some Windy City - MidWest, trash-talking, testosterone-laden, scatological jabberfest?

Time, gentlemen, time.

Back to your wrenching/welding duties!

Mike in NJ :patriot:
Chances are he woke on friday morning and took a slip and fall from it...maybe why hes so angry!

Chew...drinkin on thursday night anything can happen..bacca
"Chew, if you went #2 and then threw down he'd have a nice soft landing spot."

This is really getting sick...
Wow... I just realized that with the news springs I got.... my list got longer.... new shims have to go in, shock mounts have to be cut of and rewelded as I got nil down travel...... and I still was not really able to make any serious dent in the original list.... Time sure flies....