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leaf sprung xj


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This may sound crazy. but I want to put 4in yj springs under my 84 xj with a 9in rear and a d44 front . The ? is what problems might I have mounting the front springs to the uni-body if any.
first thing comes into mind is reinforcing. you need to reinforce the front portion of your frame if you are gonig to weld in spring hangers. boxing the channels would be the easiest way.

Im not very knowledgable with front leave swaps but I think there would be better leaves out there for you to swap in besides YJ leaves. but then again dont quote me on this...

good luck
Save yourself a little trouble and get a YJ D30 axle while you're at it. And I wouldn't mount your suspension to your front bumper, that's just stupid. Otherwise, there may be benefits......except flex.......but that's (of course :rolleyes: ) debateable.
AMEN on the YJ d30 and "debateable". Might be perfect time to get a set of axles from a fsj waggy, D44 up front and get some locking hubs. The width is close. If I remember correctly.

("stupid" hurts, I couldnt put the hangers on the end of the frame like wranglers can. :bawl: )
Yellow, yours looks pretty good. Why not extend out a subframe to mount the shackles to? Or do a shackle reversal?
Aweshucks, shackle reversal would hang to low in the rear. Tried to keep the lines as clean as possible. I will relent and add some matterial to the front. I hit a tree off road and bent the subframe where the bumper bolts on on the right side. Got some L iron to extend the bumper mount brackets another foot on each side. should give me plenty of holes to bolt the extension to on each side. Still trying to keep it all bolt on. So I could always go back.