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Front spring/puck question


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Little guidance appreciated...1995 2 door. Replaced rear springs with HD springs last summer. Top of axle tube to bottom of frame rail rear is 7"(Up Country-esque), front is 6 1/4". Measurement up front should be 7 3/4" if the measurement in the rear is 7", correct? So do I want a 1 1/2" puck or oversized springs like the Moog CC782? These are the rear springs I used: Dorman 97-547 Rear Leaf.
Screw any measurements and go by the body "rake" you desire!
Are you convinced that your leaf springs have settled as far as they are going to settle?

If yes, look for a 1 1/2" spacer. Otherwise, put in a 1" spacer or get the Upcountry front springs.