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later guys


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Port Orchard, WA
moving to CA for the summer

later guys - see you next fall...

not that i really saw any of you anyway... - but next fall ill make it out farther more often i hope

-Bryan J Bennett
Opie Bennett
Enjoy being at home. Maybe your Mother can straighten out some of the bad language and human interaction habits you've developed while posting on here. :twak:

Of course, I'm assuming, we'll find you alive and well right here on the forum(s)?

back to the land of fruits and nuts.

Dude ,like have a safe trip for sure.
seanR said:
Have a safe trip and BE CAREFULL in AZ!
In fact, I'd go through Wyoming and Utah, just to be safe!

directions to my house from Lincoln NE

Get on Interstate 80

drive 1600 miles
get off at 680 Benicia/Fairfield in CA
Exit East 2nd street
right on to Riverview Terrace

ill be in wyoming, utah, nevada, and CA

ill be back on the forums at home too... maybe...
BOB said:
back to the land of fruits and nuts.

And the produce isn't bad either.
Can't wait to break you in on some GOOD trails!

xjnation said:
If ya need any assistance traveling through Arizona Im right off I40 in Flagstaff, AZ I will pm, ya my phone #

When he tells ya it OK to hide in a river bed to outlast the incoming storm...BEWARE !!