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Late Model NP242 switch connector and wiring


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I am converting my 2000 to 4WD and have installed the NP242 but am having a helluva hard time finding the connector for the 4WD switch. I know I can go without it but really want to hook it up. Anyone have one along with as much wiring as you can spare? Shipping to 83709.
(edit) I need the chassis side of the 3 or 4 pin switch (I don't remember how many pins but it is more than 2). My case has the switch, I don't have the connector that goes into the switch...

I also need the wiring harness inside the center console that has the bulb that goes inside the bezel for the shifters. I think that is the same for all 97 and up 4wd, right?
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Bump. Still looking.