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Kids on Public Lands 2005

Ed A. Stevens

NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Some of you may have participated in a Kids on Public Lands event the past (many SoCal clubs have participated in the past). It's an event where OC city kids get a bussride to the SBNF and get exposed to responsible wheeling (a green trail experience and exposure to the forest).

If you have an interest, here's this years call for help.

The organizers are not biased, but they do like to let the kids to get a chance at an open Jeep experience (they are not anti-Cherokee, but you get the idea) and CJ/YJ/TJ's get preferences (unless you have an open XJ).

It's a low key fun experience for volunteers and kids.


Rick Russel, Tracy Lenocker, and Tim Crawford, would like to let you know that the Kids on Public Lands event will be held July 9th and 10th this year at the same location, the Big Bear Discovery Center.

Nearly all the planning is complete, leadership volunteer positions filled, and we have the children all lined up and ready to go.

We are now looking for drivers and a few people to help set up and staff a few of the turns in the trail. We need 25 male drivers on Saturday and 25 ladies to drive on Sunday.

To sign up just go to our KOPL web site and download the volunteer agreement and fax it in.


We are planning on having a volunteer BBQ Saturday night with a raffle. This has been a fun event in the past as we are looking forward to it again. We will be having ribs, chicken, steak, desert, and oh yes, vegetables and a salad. The price will be not more than $10. So please mark you form if you plan on attending the BBQ. We will collect the money later.

Please let me know if you have any questions via email or by phone (714-998-2900).

We hope you or your 4x4 club will be able to help out with this very worthy event.

- Tracy