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Karma thread?

Stroketech said:
Do we have a Karma thread for the SEC? I was searching but didnt see one for us. The MWC has some good stuff.
Ok, I'll bite....What's a Karma Thread??:sunshine:
ChuckstrPT said:
Ok, I'll bite....What's a Karma Thread??:sunshine:

Some of our regional chapters on NAXJA have a Karma thread, You can find them under there sections. They are threads where guys post up free stuff. Like for example if I had an 8.8 rear end that i didnt want or need I would post it up and if you payed shipping or came and got it you could have it. You would be surprised at some of the good stuff you can find. One guy said you could have the RE lift he had if you came and took it out!
okey dokey...lets get em goin!!
I'll start it...I've got a stock rear bumper...silver...taking up space in my garage...come and get it:viking:
I have a skyjacker tcase drop someone can have if they want it. I might even have the bolts laying around somewhere.