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K&N system and throttle body spacer together


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Jacksonville, FL
Does anyone with a 97 cherokee sport know if there is enough room under the hood to install both the K&N air system and a 1" inch throttle body spacer at the same time or can you only have one or the other without hitting the hood? thanx
From what I've heard, there isn't enough underhood clearance for the FIPK and the spacer. This might be an excuse to cut a hole in the hood and fit a hood scoop.
My FIPK hits the hood with out a spacer, I had to cut 1/2" off the connector to keep it off the hood.
I had to cut about 1/2" off the tube to get it to fit under the hood as well. Now it doesn't sit tight in the clamp but with the hood pushing on it it still works fine.
Good gouge Panama XJ, the cowl hood's going to be my XJ's first major change anyways...good to know I won't have to chopit up to add a TB spacer.