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Just Tires in Torrance - Good Place!


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Torrance, CA
Hey, I just got back from Just Tires in Torrance (On Sepulveda Blvd, between Crenshaw and Hawthorne, right next to Pep Boys) for an alignment and balance. They did good work there. The guy got just about everything into spec (Not always easy on a lifted XJ! The only thing he didn't was camber, which is not adjustable short of changing the ball joints) and took his time doing it (which I'm glad about!). So, good work Just Tires!

Yup, funny thing: It's been so long since I've had my XJ above 50 and I've been driving regular cars for all my high speed that I forgot what the normal vibes and bumps feel like! I'm cruising down the freeway thinking "Is this normal? How 'bout this?"
Thanks for the info. Was the final cost reasonable? The last time I had my truck aligned, it wasn't cheap.
I have the receipt in front of me, it took a little over an hour to do (just because he was taking his time making sure it was all done right), anyway, the alignment was $59. I also go balancing done and it was $40...

Another good place for alignment in the So. Bay Area is Lee's Alignment on Rosecrans Ave. in Gardena. When I went there a couple weeks ago after installing my new HD tierod, I noticed this HUGE rockcrawlin' CJ-7 that was there for alignment and the customer seemed very pleased...... I was very pleased also. Plus the price is just right $40.00!!!!!!!!

Scott S.
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