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Jks Qd

Mike from Chile

NAXJA Forum User
I am replacing my old and uncomfortable QD supplied with the RE lift kit wit the JKS. Qualitiy between both is obvious at first look.
Q: What should be the correct angle of Sway bar? in other words, having the JKS QDs length regulation, what is the correct length to set?.


It should tell you in those papers that came with the parts that NONE of us ever read, but what you want is the sway bar end that the QDII u-bracket bolts to, to be about level with the ground. Meaning horizontal. It can vary a bit, it doesn't need to exact but just close.

Hope that helps

orgs mfg
0-20* above level is what JKS calls optimum. I think mine is above 20* because I'm using the RE dropbraket for the sway bar and have the discos for 4.5-6" (or something), but it still seems to work fine.