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Jeep Coil Spring Sizes Info??


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Does any have or know the coil sizes differences between different Jeep models and years?? i.e. Does XJ's coils fit on YJ's or TJ's or only fit on certain years??

I'm looking into putting them in my 64 Chevy Truck.. I know of someone who put '05 TJ coils into his 63 Chevy truck...

Bueller, Buller....

First off YJ's have leaf springs on all four courners. A TJ coil is 1 1/2" shorter than an XJ coil but, a Rubicnn coil is the same height and is softer. While a WJ is 2" taller than a TJ coil. You would be better off by using the WJ coil than an XJ or a TJ coil. Because most of the WJs came with V8s' in them. Only get spiings from a 97 to 2005 Jeep.
Thanks Vamp...

I totally brain lapsed on YJ's having leafs all around.. Duh me..

I think TJ springs may be the answer because I'm looking to lower the truck, only a couple of inches though. I'll probably try XJ coils first to see how it sits, then TJ coils if I want more of a drop..

Why only get springs from 97 to 05 Jeeps??