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Jeep branded Cherokee rear cargo tool/storage box


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Reno, NV
Jeep branded Cherokee rear cargo tool/storage box

This Jeep cargo storage box is made to fit over the opening in the right rear of the cargo area making it usable space. It's black, was previously painted, and could easily be painted black again to look uniform in color. I used it as is and was never bothered to change it. It's lockable but the key is not available. It has the "Jeep" logo on it and simply screws onto the rear trim. It holds quite a lot of stuff. I had a gallon of coolant, 4 quarts of oil, shackles, straps, tools, etc. A 33" spare tire can still be mounted in the rear with the seat up and this storage piece in position. To my knowledge they are no longer available new anywhere.

Asking $60 / obo

I can meet someone on the I-5 corridor from Tacoma to Lynnwood. Shipping is available at actual cost.

Installed view

Rear view