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Portland, Or
From what I can tell, JB Conversions has 1-up on AA with its
"high clearance yoke". Am I missing anything? Will yoke binding even be an issue with 4-6" of lift?

Price is roughly the same, $200. But Advance Adapters ships for free while JB will cost ~$30.

Seems like the real question is, Is the "high clearance yoke" worth $30?

Your thoughts?
TIA, Josh
With the wheelbase our XJ's have .... it's not really necessary. Don't get me wrong ... it's a nice feature, but if you're price shopping, then I think you have your answer.

Now if this was a TJ with 5 inches of lift ... every little bit counts. But at that point --- I'd be going for the "Super Shorty"

The JB conversations sye is a tad bit shorter than the AA. I just installed the JB on mine and couldn't be happier. I gave them a call and had great customer service. I haven't delt with AA before but I'd recommend JB to anyone. Overall install was very simple too. Its nice knowing that you'll never have to worrie about the yoke binding with the JB on the XJ.
My AA SYE went on very easy and I had never seen the inside of a TC before. Customer service was awesome as well. Got a great deal on the kit and they sent me a free T-shirt with it. Very high quality parts. But yeah, I don't think an inch or two will really matter. I'd rather have the one that's a bit longer because a stock front driveshaft will still work in a pinch.

I'm sure JB is a great company as well.
Another vote for JB's customer service. Back when my XJ was my DD I decided to tackle this over a weekend. In the middle of the re-install something just wasn't right. Beat my head against the wall for hours until finally I say what the heck I'll call expecting to get an answering machine since it was Sunday. Needless to say I was shocked when someone picked up the phone and spent 30 minutes walking me through the install. It was my fault, I missed a snap ring.