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Interco TrXus sts in mud


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I have a set of 31x11.50Interco trXus sts tires that I bought for sand and back home they do a really good job. I am in VT right now for school and we have mainly mud and snow. I have only used them in mud a few times back home but any thing can make it through where I was at. I want to know if anyone on here has any experience with these tires in the mud before I go and take them out. I would like to know what to expect. If no one has any real experience then in a week or two I will have a review for them in mud.
they're not very good in the mud. It woudl be like wheeling any AT in the mud.

A chic in our club use to run them....they were unimpressive. Air them down and see what kinda traction you can get outa them.
X2 on what everyone says they dont do very good i have 33 13.5 on my 89 xj and they make it float a little i guess but clog up very fast. just make sure you have a good tow strap and someone strong to pull you out. my friend broke his 4x4 in his 87 toyota pulling me out the last time i got stuck GO OUT AND HAVE FUN GETTING STUCK IS ONLY HALF THE FUN!!!!
I am going to make sure I take some good pics of when I do go out. Everyone who I go with is running at's so it should be interesting. They don't have too much of a problem, o well. Getting stuck and muddy if fun though.