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Instrument Panel Lights


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The lights that illuminate my instrument panel do not work. I turn the dimmer left and right and that's not it, because it turns all the lights in the cabin. I suspect that it might be a fuse (I hope), but don't know which one it is. Any other suggestions?
I have a 99XJ, but my service manual is for the 2000 model. I did not see a description of how fuses are placed in it, just how to remove the whole box. I would appreciate if someone pointed me out to the right page...
Thanks in advance
The headlight switch has two functions when twisting, one is a switch (or set of contacts) for the inside lights and the other is a rehostat (variable resisitor), to dim the panel lights. If it isn´t the fuse, it could be the switch.
Don´t know much about the newer XJ´s, but on the early ones, it was easy to mess up the ground cluster under the lower dash bezel, very near the left front courtesy lamp. Many times when I´ve removed or loosened the lower curved dash plastic, I´ve had some ground problems.
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