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In Fort Lauderdale needs to borrow a '96 computer.


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This is a long shot.

If anyone has a '96 Xj w/ a standard tranny in Fort Lauderdale or nearby - please humor me with an hour of help.

I want to swap in another '96 standard computer to see if mine is actually the culprit for my problem.

It's a 5-minute swap, and maybe 45 minutes to let her run and see if i get the problem again.

Lemme know?
Its a long story:
Basically, random misfiring under load when hot.
hit my profile to pull up all my threads, and you'll find more info if ya really need it.

The threads describe most, but not all, of the stuff I've already tried.
The heap now has a '97 engine in it. Also a new fuel pump.

At this point it seems to me that its the brain, but I wanted to swap in another as a trial before I put even MORE money into this.
Have you tried auto computer exchange its right there in davie off stirling road 1-888-664-8787 .They are suppose to be pretty cheap.Maybe you can take your ecm to em to check it out or they might have a loaner since you live right there.