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In Dire Need - Cracked Head


NAXJA Forum User
Hello all,

I am in a dilly of a pickle.

My 97 4.0 overheated and cracked the head between the valves. This being only now a minor problem. I cannot find a replacement head!!!

Dealer wants about $800.00 and at that point I would just replace the whole engine.

My problem has been I need a head with casting # 0630

I have found others but none with the correct casting #

Please let me know if you have any leads on finding a head.
Thank you very much.

In agony,

Stephenville, TX

97 Cherokee 4.0 :mad:
why can't ya just buy any head from '97-99? i did'nt know they were any different. In fact i dont' think they are, actually any head from 91 and up should bolt right up and work fine with no modification. You dont' need to go buy casting number, the heads will all bolt up fine.