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Post Rebuild help


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Hey XJ experts I need your help. I picked up a 97 2dr 4.0 A/T 2wd that had OVERHEATED. pulled motor. Removed & replaced the cracked head, had the block checked (good) so I honed it, re-ringed the pistons, new bearings, Oil pump, Water pump, Timing chain/gears. Set timing gears to spec will attach picture. Installed distributer to spec also. To be clear this is not my first engine rebuild. So I am stumped on my no start.
The PROBLEM is Crank but no start.
1. 50PSI fuel pressure while cranking. Slow leak down over several minutes. Took the rail with injectors out of ports and cranked, fuel squirts out at each Does not mist).
2. Average compression is at 140 low at 129 high at 148
3. Spark is present. Checked inline with test lights and with plug pressed to head. Spark on all 6.
4. Audibly sounds like no spark, as in not trying to fire on combustion strokes. but I have air, fuel, spark and Timing is to the book. ?
Any suggestion is appreciated.
Okay not ANY, any decent suggestion appreciated.

Thanks, Sean