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I'm back

notorious DUG

NAXJA Forum User
Did ya miss me? Huh, did ya, huh?

I bet you did!

Was in hiding, now I am not. Life is no longer falling apart. CJ runs and wheels. MJ is actually running again.

I missed you all, can I have a group hug?
When we see the MJ out on trail you will get a hug....till then nada!

We thought you only hung out on GLJT .......

Anyhow you can have a hug and some hot wings next time i see your hiding out a$$

matter of fact you're almost as bad as john scott .....change your email, change phone #, change addy , we thought you may be in Iraq working for the CIA


PS give me a ring when your out of the secret bunker
No trail for a while, needs axles.....no money.

GLJT is where the cool kids hang, I decided to "slum it" and check out the land of the unwashed.

come to the M&G in Shcaumburg Sunday......I'll buy ya some wings bubba.

Had to change everything, I was having "privacy" issues ya know.......

Calling now, have to leave bunker for phone reception....scary.....
Beezil said:
pink floyd

who the fawk is DUG?


I already told you he was your daddy.

Do not make me come over there and smack you.

Be nice to me or I will come down there, drag you out of the city proper and leave you naked, bound and ball gagged in the middle of the NW suburbs.

You will never find your way home with all the twisty streets.