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Ignition issue(long)


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North Carolina
Okay this is a continuation of my electrical gremlin problem, if you are reading for the first time here is the abridged version. Basically out of the blue my wipers, signals, radio, and horn just quit. Got some good suggestions from the board where to start but all that checked out okay. Did a search on the board and found the ignition switch might be it, so got a local shop to swap it for me. Got it back and when I first keyed it forward to acc everything worked until I started it, then it all died again(truck still running) and the temp gauge pegged and the brake light stayed on to boot. I assumed the switch was not adjusted right as these things should happen when you first engage the starter but everything should come back once you release. I later found out that you can wiggle the key switch back a little manually and everything comes back to normal. I took the truck back to the shop and they checked the switch and stated it was on right. They said it might be the ignition lock. So that's where I'm at, I'm not sure I agree with them and wanted you guy's take on it. My gut thinks something still up with the switch as the shop did not much act like they wanted to fool with it anymore period. Thanx

Oh it's a 87 comanche 4.0, MT, no tilt, 175k
Even if you wiggle the lock switch back a tad... when you do that everything is fine and stays that way. When you turn it off and restart it will kill all acc again... then just back the lock switch back again and so on and so on.
What I mean is that when you get to the point of fireing it up...not necessarily in the ignition itself, but something that is interconected.