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Ideas for PDA software gift.


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Was wondering what would be some cool software for a "corporate woman on the go" would be?

Is there any pda software that you can't live without?

I know there's free downloads and stuff out there, not looking for that. Don't want to come across as a cheap ass......

got any leads?

this is for a Dell PDA
Without knowing the Operating system installed in the PDA, I will recommend the following:

AvantGo - Allows PDA to download webpages when ever sync'ed, I use it for weather and news.

Documents to go - Allows PDA to store, edit, etc. Excel and Word docs.

Silverscreen - Changes the "launch" screen to be more user friendly, and better looking.

I use a Palm PDA and these programs are all suited for the Palm OS, if she has a Windows OS, then I cannot help.

Hmmm....... looks like it's probably micro-Windows device (wait, isn't that redundant?)

"Corporate woman on the go?" That could be your S.O., your sister, ? Don't know much about the M$ based devices, but consider one of the sales contact applications. For all intents and purposes, it's an addressbook/calendar on steroids.

FYI, Ive also heard that there is a supa cool palm OS being made called BATFISH Deluxe........... You may want to ask Dirk Funk about it.
I saw this OS demo while i was @ Orange Julias getting Gorilla Julius and a Julius for my puppy ....