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I have no interior lights


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Req'd info: 88 MJ;4.0 I-6; manual; 2WD; shortbed; A/C; PS; PB

My interior lights don't work.

Not when the doors open

Not when I turn the headlight switch. The headlight switch is new. And, when turned puts out power on the interior light wire.

I have a headlight delay on my truck, and was wondering if they were offered with an interior light timer. You know the kind, where the lights come on after you shut it off, and for a certain amount of time after opening the door?

If so, where would the thing be located under the dash?

Dunno about the timer, but are you talking about the (crappy) stock rocker lights in the B pillar? They have 3 positions:
-flipped down they come on with the door switch and/or headlight switch
-centered they do not come on at all
-flipped up they come on directly

Check to see how yours are positioned. Could also be bad contact between the bulb and holder, so try gently rocking the lens back and forth from the down to center position to see if it illuminates. Beware if you take them out to recondition them, they get kind of fragile with age, and new ones from the dealer are about $25, if they can even get them.

p.s There are connectors under each corner of the lower dash panels that you can attach kickpanel lights to if yours doesn't have them, and they are on the same circuit also. They really brighten up the cab....you can pull them from the 'yard XJ or MJ.
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I do have the lights under the dash. They don't work either.

And, good to know bout the b pillar lights. I've replaced the bulbs, but not tryed playing with them like that.

Although, I thought I tested it, and didn't find voltage there, even with the interior light turned on via the headlight switch.