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I can't believe my battery still works


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Syracuse, UT
Admittedly, I don't drive my XJ much. Some years are well below 1k miles driven. But even then, I last changed the battery in Nov 2013, making it the longest lasting car battery I've ever had. It does seem to crank a bit slow nowadays, but I'm going to see how long I can go before it completely gives up the ghost. Any of you all had a similar experience?

The battery is an EverStart Maxx 34 I bought from my local Walmart.
Up until a few months ago I had an Optima Yellow Top that was still serving duty in Varmint #1's XJ. I originally purchased it in 2000 or 2001.

It would still be working if the body shop had not drained it all to way to zero by leaving the doors open and the dome lights on while working on the Jeep.

Of course the body shop could not care less. They would only take responsibility if the battery were less than one year old. Just one more reason I hate letting the professionals touch anything I own.
That's quite a long time!! I had a 3 year battery (Walmart) go almost 6 years. Like you, I don't drive my XJ much, less than 2K per year. When I do drive it, it's mostly for short runs to the store or to visit local friends/family. Often, it doesn't even get up to full temp by the time I arrive. It could sit for a week and crank/start no problem. Eventually, it would die after a few days sitting. Put it on my charger and would be good again but die after a few more days. Finally got a replacement at Costco.
My August 2022 Costco battery crapped out over the winter. Similar short little 5 minute local roads drives, then sat from the beginning of December through the new year and it wouldn’t even click the relays. I gave it a good charge last week and it seems to be back. I am trying to make it a point to take the long way out of the neighborhood and get half a minute at 55 MPH.