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Acworth, GA
Hi All,
Hope you can help. I just got a 1994 XJ Country from my father in law. It's got 186K miles on it, but is still in excellent condition. I want to install the 3.5"Rubicon SuperRide kit ASAP, but have some concerns.
1)Do I have to worry about the transfer case, or is it ok in its original spot?
2)The rear leaf springs are looking pretty old and seem to be worn out. The SuperRide kit comes with a leaf to add to the rear, but should I get a whole new set of rear spings? Is there a better kit that will give me a new set of springs and be more cost effective?
3)Other than new shocks (which ones?) is there anything else I'll need?

On a '94 there is a very good chance you will get away with no vibes at all at 3.5". If you do by chance get some vibes a 1/2 or 1" transfer case drop would solve it. I don't think you will be completely satisfied with AAl's, especially after you spend all that money on the lift and see them start sagging after a few months. I'd go for the full pack, it'll ride better, flex alot better and last you for years. Rubicon express is an excellent company so as for a better or equivelent product for cheaper i dont' think you'll find any. You can check out rustysoffroad.com, his stuff is cheaper but i've heard some not so great things on his products and customer service, but then again i've also heard some good things about him and have dealt with him myself on about 4 occassions, i'd say about 2 of the occassions were good, the other two i was missing parts, or the parts did'nt fit and so forth. Aside from new shocks you need to extent your brake lines or you'll pull them right off when ya flex it up. As for a longer trac bar and longer control arms at 3.5" i'd say that is completely up to you, from what i've seen its only bases on opinion other than a necessary item, put the lift on and decide afterwards. You should also pick up some new U-bolts for the rear axle i'd say.

I think I'll stick with the Rubicon. I don't mind shelling out a few more clams for good equipment.
I think their kit comes with the brake line and U bolts etc. I'l double check.
I've heard nothing but great things about RE, good choice! I'm pretty sure that the OME Long Travel(N35L-N36L) should work great. I thought others were fitting them without any problems. I'd get a adj. trackbar so you center the front axle. If they don't supply brake lines you can put on YJ hoses.
I also agree to get the spring pack!