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How much is fair for Dakota Leaf springs...


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Everywhere Ive called is sayin 50-75 dollars per side. Is this about right?

I picked mine up at a yard for 75 for the set. If you go to a U-pull yard it'll be cheaper. The best thing to do is to remove all the springs except the main one, clamp them together, and only pay for one side.

That is about what the bone yards around here want so I would disagree and say yes! However, like Fergie said, go to a u-pull it. The one here sells them for $15 per side!
I bought mine for $15 for both :dunno: You must be dealing with one of those "....but my stuff's made of gold!" junkyards. Pass them up and go to the nearest yard that will allow you to pull your own stuff,they are usually a lot cheaper. The yard I go to is more into scrap metal selling than anything. He'll stockpile cars until metal prices go up,then he'll crush 'em and sell the metal. The good part is that parts are super cheap,the bad part is if it's there today,it probably won't be tomorrow :(,or worse yet,may be in the crusher :cry: