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How many XJ?MJ's in Oregon?


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Portland Oregon
Are there any MJ's/ XJ's from Oregon? I think we need a NW Chapter to get orginized

I'm up here in Beaverrton with a XJ. It's kinda beat up right now, I'm hoping to have it driveable by the end of the week.
6"+ of lift, 315's, Atlas3.8 etc....
sweet, nice to see someone else from Oregon. I live in salem but work in portland. I have a MJ with 6" lift and I have been working on it for the last three years. I wish we could get a gruop together to wheel. I' wheelen i the jolly jeepers rally in the coast range the weekend of the 18th. 110 jeeps should be cool. If you need any help let me know!
Comanche Ron
Hey, I live in Milwaukie. I have a '94 xj, with a RE 4.5" lift.
post this in the NW chapter room and you'll get alot more people chiming in...

91xj2dr,3inch lift working on 4.5-5. in SW WA.

let me know if you get a serious jeep club together, im from vancouver xj 4 dr 33's soon to be at 5.5 inches of lift
let me know what happens.
I'm in Bend Oregon. Lots of guys around the NW with some built rigs, don't know of a whole lot of XJ's that are built but heres me.