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How 2 bypass veh.spd.sensor???


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Ocala, FL.
Quick HELP. We need to find out how to bypass the veh. speed sensor on a 94 2.5L.....trying to fire the project MJ and getting a code 54? but we think no spark cause the speed sensor isnt plugged in...nothing to plug it into now...
are you sure the 2.5L motor is not the speed limiter?

Nope...I dunno...we tinkered with it for a few hours and got it to run once...trying to get all the wiring right...94 2.5 going into a late 80's mj
VSS will not keep the engine from running. How would the vehicle start when sitting still? Do you have anything that tells you what code 54 is? If its the VSS, it still shouldn't keep the engine from running.
I posted for some help in the OEM tech forum. This is for a 1994 YJ 2.5L BUT the Xj and YJ FSM for 1994 is in the same manual.
We think we may have gotten a 1995 power dist block...and the code 54 is for the CAM position sensor.

We're going to replace the CAM position sensor and see where it goes from there.